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The NC Comix section features various types of sprite comics.

Neglected Character Comix Edit

Main Article: Neglected Character Comix
This is what happens when my mind wanders, and when I have too much spare time.

Neglected Character Shorts Edit

Main Article: Neglected Character Shorts
Quick comics I make when I'm bored.

Neglected Character Deathmatch Edit

Main Article: Neglected Character Deathmatch
Another sign that I need more to do. Watch your favorite characters duke it out!

NC Choose Your Own Adventure Edit

Main Article: NC Choose Your Own Adventure
The World's First Interactive Comix.

NC Flash Comix Edit

Main Article: NC Flash Comix
A new era of Neglectedness. They're comics. That move. Ooo...

Neglected Characters for Dummies Edit

Main Article: Neglected Characters for Dummies
Your guide to the NC Crew.

NC Sprite Sheets Edit

Main Article: NC Sprite Sheets
Images of sprites for different Neglected Characters.

How To Make Your Own Comix Edit

Main Article: How To Make Your Own Comix
A few tutorials to help you become a comix making master.

NC Live! Edit

Main Article: NC Live!
Take part in a fan-acted out NC Comix. *Currently Canceled*

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