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Neglected Character Deathmatches are comix where two or more characters fight each other.

The Deathmatches Edit

There are a total of 21 deathmatches so far.

Deathmatch Results Edit

This is a list of official deathmatch winners.

  • NC Deathmatch #1 - Kirby defeated Yoshi. (47 rounds)
  • NC Deathmatch #2 - Samus defeated Peach, but then was defeated by Wart. (20 rounds)
  • NC Deathmatch #3 - Bowser, in 10,089 rounds.
  • NC Deathmatch #4 - Luigi, in 13,523,345 rounds.
  • NC Deathmatch #5 - Goomba in 45 rounds, but then Mario stomps on him.
  • NC Deathmatch #6 - Luigi in 12,873,289,732,435,358 rounds.
  • NC Deathmatch #7 - Super Mario Dolphin in 54 rounds.
  • NC Deathmatch #8 - Mario in 3 rounds.
  • NC Deathmatch #9 - Zelda in 17 rounds. (However she continues to attack him for another half of a round)
  • NC Deathmatch #10 - They both died in 34 rounds.

Trivia Edit

Fun Facts Edit

  • Mario has appeared in the most deathmatches (4).

Video Game References Edit

  • The deathmatch title card is from the game ???.

Real-World References Edit

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